Mangar Bath Cushion



Hot water, foam-what could be better than a relaxing bath. Our comfort bath pillow allows you to leave until the end of the bath and into the tub. So, your entire upper body is covered with water-and you have it warm and cozy. A little tip: Just leave a little air in the cushion. Thus, the seat and backrest are padded and have it especially comfortable. Bath lift on the market don’t offer much comfort. Comfortable: To the bottom of the tub in the water Upper body covered with water Convenient intermediate positions possible Ideal for reading and relax Most comfortable elevator on the market Practical: Lightweight (pillow: 2 kg, Airflo: 5.7 kg) Thanks bag perfect for travel Operated by battery Ease of use Quick cleaning For Sure: Security function TÜV approved (IPO) 150 kg lifting capacity This article will be sold on behalf and tell of a particular client, so no guarantee of Sulcare-, Lda. The price of new elevator is EUR 1,308.00. The provision of this article with only six months of use is only EUR 600.00